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Born: 9 September

St Catherine's Nikita

St Catherines Nikita, born solid white.  She has not been a mum yet, but lives with her own mum Georgie. She has the most amazing avro hair style and jet black eyes. She has patience with the young boys and will tolerate playing with them until she realizes shes a lady!  She is gentle and kind.

Born: 4 September 2019

White Hill Moon Shadow

This cheeky chappie, loves having a hug with his human friends. He likes to help me with housekeeping duties, very chatty and playful. He loves to annoy his aunties abd play fights with his best buddy Cedric.

Born: 9 September 2019

Longrose Cedric

This is Longrose Cedric, named after the Harry Potter character. He’s mid fawn, born 4/6/19 and loves his auntie Nikita and his play mate Moon. He is more gentle and lets moon get into trouble first! He is half brother to Theo and they hang out together.

Born: 8 June 2017

Longrose Theodore

Longrose Theodore, born 8/6/17 wethered. He is a funny chap, loves his food and is always the first to have his head in the feed bucket!  He hangs out with his dad Medoc and they always bed down near to each other.  He loves a fuss and carrots! He is black with white chin and feet.

Born: 16 July 2009

Summer Wine Medoc

Summer Wine Medoc, he is dark brown.  He has fathered two sons both are living with him.  He has retired from fatherhood now and is very happy doing his own thing being on the edge of the herd. He loves his food and flirts with Shadow (when he can get away with it!).

0orn: 2 June 2004

Motcombe Nightshadow

Motcombe Nightshadow, born 2/6/04. Solid black, perfect mum to Moon. She is the oldest lady in the herd and is gentle and kind, always considers others first. She loves having her neck stroked especially if you have carrots as well!

0orn: 10 July 2017

Motcombe Pip

This is Motcombe Pip, born 10/8/07.  Solid white.  She loves her paddling pool in warm weather and will stand in the water butt if its not available.  She sees herself as senior in the herd, she is respected by all and likes her space to chill out.

Click here to watch a video of Pip.

Born: 4 September 2007

Motcombe Georgie

Motcombe Georgie, born 4/9/07, solid white. Georgie  is a great mum, she lives with her daughter Nikita and they are often seen crushed (sitting) together. She is gentle and a little timid, loves to watch whats going on .

Born: 9 July 2006

Motcombe Caffay

Motcombe Caffay, born 9/7/06. Solid dark fawn. Caffay is the guard of the herd, she keeps an eyebout fir trouble and calls an alarm if she is unsure. She is very caring and has heen like a second mum to moon.

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