Meet the Animals

To find out more about the Alpacas and Pygmy Goats at Maggie's Farm and how you can adopt your favourite, click on one of the links below:


The Alpacas


Motcombe Georgie

Born: 4 September 2007

Georgie is a great mum to her daughter Nikita. They are often seen lounging around together. She has a gentle and timid nature and loves to watch whats going on around her.


St Catherine's Nikita

Born: 9 September 2013

Nakita is best known for her crazy bed hair and jet black eyes! She is a true mummy's girl and can always be found right by her side. She has patience with the young boys and will tolerate playing with them until she realises she's a lady! Just like her mum Georgie, she is gentle and kind natured.


White Hill Moon Shadow

Born: 4 September 2019

Born right here on the farm, this cheeky chappie is the youngest member of the crew! Moon loves having a hug with his human friends and he likes to help with the housekeeping duties. He's a very chatty and playful young boy. He loves nothing more than to spend his time annoying his aunties and play fighting with his best buddy Cedric.


Longrose Cedric

Born: 9 September 2019

Cedric, named after the Harry Potter character, loves to spend his days hanging out with Moon and his half brother Theo. Soft at heart he loves to cuddle up with his auntie Nakita. He is a gentle boy and crafty by nature, letting Moon get into any trouble first!


Longrose Theodore

Born: 8 June 2017

Theo is a funny chap, he loves his food and is always the first to have his head in the feed bucket! He hangs out with his dad Medoc and they always bed down near to each other. He loves to be the centre of attention when the humans are around, especially if there are carrots on offer!


Summer Wine Medoc

Born: 16 July 2009

Medoc is an experienced father and currently lives with his two sons Theo and Cedric. Now retired, he loves to live the quiet life doing his own thing. You will always find him hanging out on the edge of the herd away from any drama!  He loves his food and flirts with Shadow (when he can get away with it!).


Motcombe Nightshadow

Born: 2 June 2004

Shadow is the perfect mum to Moon. She is the oldest lady in the herd and is gentle and kind, always considers others first. She loves having her neck stroked especially if you have carrots as well!


Motcombe Pip

Born: 10 July 2007

Pip is the matriarch of the herd and is respected by all. Young at heart she loves nothing more than to splash around in her paddling pool in the warm weather and you can even find her standing in the water trough! She also likes to spend time on her own to have peace and quiet to chill out.


Motcombe Caffay

Born: 9 July 2006

Caffay is the guard of the herd, she keeps an eye out for any trouble makers and calls an alarm if she is unsure. She is very caring by nature and is like a second mum to Moon.


The Pygmy Goats

Ben the Pigmy goat.jpeg


Age: 15 years old

Along with his friend Jerry, Ben now enjoys the freedom of the farm fields in his retirement. He is probably the same age as Jerry, but we do not know if they are related. Ben is less confident and more shy than Jerry, so will hang back until he is sure everything is ok. He is very gentle and once you start, he secretly enjoys being fussed over and having a brush!



Age: 15 years old

Jerry came into my care with his partner in crime Ben. They were part of a mistreatment case, but not enjoy the freedom of my fields and the luxury of the warm stable at night. Jerry thinks he’s a dog! He follows me everywhere just incase i can give him a good scratch and fuss. He is so gentle and loving. He loves his lifelong friend Ben and they always hang out together.



Age: 3 years old

Kevin is the boss of the group and particularly gives Jerry the run around! He is approximately 3 years old and came with his brother Shaun from a local high school which unfortunately had to give up on their outdoor education program regarding animal care. Both Kevin and Shaun were accustomed to a small space, despite frequent walks, so Kevin was excited to be able to wander across the farm fields and dances around when ever he feels like it. Kevin is a foodie and is always first to the gate and in the bucket! A cheeky chap with a twinkle in his eye, he likes to give you a crafty head butt ~ when you least expect it!



Age: 3 years old

Shaun is a handsome chap, about three years old. He loves the freedom of the farm and likes to share them with the Alpacas. He’s very curious and nosey, which sometimes gets him into trouble. Like his brother he loves his food and it can be a competition to see who can eat the most. Shaun hates being brushed, prefers to scratch and itch on the fence post!


Adopt an Alpaca or a Pygmy Goat

For just £28 you can sponsor your chosen alpaca for a whole 12 months.

Your Alpaca Adoption Package covers annual veterinary fees, feed and bedding fees, includes:

Photo of your chosen Alpaca or Pygmy Goat

A personalised Certificate of Adoption

Background information on the history and personality of your chosen Alpaca or Pygmy Goat

A fact sheet

A small gift

If you would like to come and visit, you are welcome to attend one of our workshops.

Simply view and choose your Alpaca or Pygmy Goat and then call Maggie to register your adoption.  We will then send out your adoption pack and look forward to welcoming you at the farm where you can meet your lovely new furry friend!